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Q: How do I transfer data from Ease into 5K Free to Full app?

A: Thanks for downloading the full version! To get the data from the free app, sign up for a free 30-day trial of RunHelper Connect, backup the workouts from the free app, then restore them in the full app.
Here are the detailed instructions:

  • Open the Ease into 5K Free and tap on the Connect tab
  • Signup for a free RunHelper Connect account
  • Tap on the Journal tab and backup all your workouts when prompted.
You will see a backup pop-up at the top of the Journal screen, then tap "Backup Now"

Once the backup is completed:
  • Open the Ease into 5K full version
  • Tap on the Connect tab, tap on "Join Now" button, then on "Sign In" button and sign in with the email and password you created earlier
  • Tap on the Journal tab, then tap on the arrow at the top of the screen and select Restore workouts
  • Tap on "Select All", then tap on the "Restore" button
Once the restore is completed all your workouts will be in the full version and you can delete the free app.

Q: How do I delete a single Journal entry?

A: To delete a single entry from the Journal screen just swipe your finger right to left (left to right prior to iOS 7) across the entry you wish to delete. A red "Delete" button will appear which when tapped will delete only that entry.

Q: What's the difference between Bridge to 10K and Ease into 10K?

A: The Bridge to 10K is specifically designed for a 5K graduate and it will pick up where the 5K training plan left off. The Ease into 10K is designed for a beginner runner who wishes to train for the 10K right away.

Q: What's the difference between Hal Higdon's Novice 1 and Novice training plans?

Q: Novice 1 is designed for newcomers, individuals who have done very little or even no running before. If they are fit enough to finish Week 1's long run of 4 miles -- even if they have to walk the distance -- Novice 1 will get them ready for the race.

Novice 2 is designed for those who have been running a while. There is slightly more mileage in Novice 2, just enough to guarantee a higher level of readiness for those who choose that program.