Our Story

Bluefin Software is powered by a husband and wife duo, Alex and Tanya Stankovic. Together, we develop apps for mobile devices. Our apps are more than just beautiful at their core, they're designed around the fitness experiences of real people and supported by the latest knowledge in health and fitness, software design, and technology.

We came upon the idea for our first app during our first running experience in 2008. That year, we decided it was time to get in shape and set off on an adventure to tackle a 5K training program. Alex quickly realized that following the training program could be much easier, so he created an iPhone app to help us follow the program and make it more hassle-free. The result? We started enjoying our runs, and we haven't stopped yet! Since 2008, we've completed several 5K races and the 2010 Chicago Half Marathon.

To this day, we use our products regularly in our workouts, change anything that doesn't work for us, and listen to customer feedback. By offering these great apps, we hope to enrich the lives of others through fitness and lifestyle changes while utilizing the latest technology. We strive to provide great functionality, customer support, and community for all of our users.

The Team

Alex Stankovic


Alex has worked as a software developer since 1999 first in the retail and financial services industries and then as a developer of fitness apps for mobile devices. He brings his talent and passion for technology to Bluefin Software and is dedicated to helping people reach their training goals through well-designed products. He is in charge of software engineering, product development, and customer support.

Tanya Stankovic

VP, Business Development

Tanya is a nurse practitioner by trade, an entrepreneur at heart, and a runner by choice. Her focus is on helping runners at every level to enhance their health and well-being through quality, proven products. Her efforts at Bluefin Software are aimed towards including fitness into our daily lives. In turn, she hopes her efforts will help prevent diseases caused by sedentary lifestyles. She is in charge of business development and social media.

The Process

  1. Partnership

    We are a boutique software development firm and take great pride in the software we develop. We don't just build software and hand it off to you; we prefer to partner with you and work with you every step of the way from design and development to customer support and app updates.

  2. Design

    Every app we build is well-designed and easy to use, and we will customize your app the same way. Our team consists of experienced graphic designers who are passionate about usability and simplicity.

  3. Development

    Each training app developed with our RunHelper platform is custom built. If your training plan requires a feature that our platform doesn't currently support, we will develop it.

  4. Support

    We also handle customer support for your app. We take pride in our ability to offer one of the best customer support experiences in the app marketplace. Most of our customer support questions are answered within a few hours and often within minutes.