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Training Schedule

Enable your customers to carry your training plan right in their pockets. Your app will display your training schedule with a well-designed and intuitive interface where customers can track their progress and always know what workout they need to do next.

GPS / Mapping

Our mobile training platform has GPS support, allowing your customers to see the distance and pace of their run with nothing more than their phone. When your app is built with RunHelper, your customers will be able to view a map of their run location and overlay their exact route on top of it.

Training Journal

Every workout is saved in an in-app workout journal so your customers can make notes about their workout and see the stats and map of their run. The Journal also features a calendar view that displays workouts by the month, giving users instant visual feedback on how often they've run in a given month.

Social Sharing

With built-in Facebook and Twitter integration, your customers can publish their runs and let their friends know how they are doing. This is a great motivational tool for those who like to be held accountable by their friends and family.