Intermediate 2 offers a slight jump in difficulty from Intermediate 1. You begin in Week 1 with a long run of 10 miles instead of 8 miles. You thus get to 20 miles for your long run by Week 11, which permits a third 20-miler in Week 15. Midweek mileage is slightly higher, but instead of cross-training on the weekends, you get more serious about your running and do a second run of 5-10 miles, often at marathon race pace. Incidentally, Intermediate 2 is the ideal training program for those doing the popular "Goofy" run at the Walt Disney World Marathon, where you run a half on Saturday followed by a full marathon on Sunday. This program's 10-mile pace run followed by a 20-mile long run offers the perfect jumping-off platform for racing 13-26.

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